Envisioning A Better Future  

The Paradigm Shift(s)



In a time when so many popular books, movies, TV shows and video games depict a seemingly inevitable dystopian future, seven high school students created a film based on the premise that the future actually turns out good. "The Paradigm Shift(s)" tells the story of a group of young people from the future sent back in time to learn about “when the silence broke”, to discover the seeds of resistance that eventually led to the beautiful, just, ideal future they live in. Inspired by the short story “Evidence” by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, this genre-defying film is a reminder, to all those fighting tirelessly for a better future, to keep going.


This film was produced by 7 high school students in Montgomery County Maryland, during an intensive summer program in 2019. The students had 5 weeks to create this film from start to finish.

Produced by

Auzinea Bacon

Andre Bamba

Grace Bamba

Aaliyah Dickson

Ribka Tesfaye

Jessica Theis

Trevor White



November 5th, 2019 Screening
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Shifting the Paradigm: An Evening of Collective Imagination


6pm, Tues., Nov. 5

Summer 2019 Student Film Premiere, Community meal, artist presentations, music performance, and student discussion. In partnership with Montgomery County Planning and Montgomery College.

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